Hasselblad knocks 30% off price of the H6D-50c


Hasselblad knocks 30% off price of the H6D-50c

Swedish medium-format manufacturer Hasselblad has dropped the price of its flagship camera by a third in its latest promotion. The 50MP H6D-50c medium format DSLR camera has been reduced from $25995/£22,680 to $17995/£15,900 making a saving of $8000/£6780.

Hasselblad has announced the price drop in a newsletter, describing it as a promotion, but in the past such promotions that have appeared to be temporary have actually marked the moment the product price changed permanently. Previous promotions of the H5D-50c came around the Christmas period and offered similarly dramatic permanent price reductions, and there is no end-date for the promotion mentioned in the communication.

For more information on the H6D-50c see the Hasselblad website.

Hasselblad newsletter information

H6D-50c Special Promotion

The H6D-50c is the latest generation of our integrated digital cameras and has been painstakingly redesigned from the ground up to incorporate the very latest technologies. The tried and tested 50MP sensor has been further developed with an increased ISO range and performance in data throughput. With close to 14 stops of dynamic range, subtle details are rendered beautifully in crisp, breathtaking detail. As a special promotion the price for the H6D-50c has been reduced to £13,250 + VAT.

from Articles: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com) http://ift.tt/2r6sVnt


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