You cannot pass on this: Reconditioned Olympus 40-150mm for $59 and E-M10 for $299 only!

$59 for an Olympus zoom? Get it now at GetOlympus (Click here). And why not get the E-M10 for just $299? It’s also available at GetOlympus (Click here).

Samys is selling the Open Box GH5 for $1,729 only on eBay (Click here):

New long list of Panasonic (Click here) and Olympus (Click here) deals. These do inlcude new deals on the E-m1II at BHphoto and GetOlympus.

MacPhun released their latest version of the Luminar Neptune software (Click here). It also has a new kind of AI filter that does all the settings for you. And you save $10 by using our promo code “43RUM” when doing the checkout.

from 43 Rumors


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