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For years I have tracked down this location, and after some serious research, my brother and I decided to hike it a couple weeks ago. Finding the trailhead was already an adventure on itself, hiking it was another whole story (we hiked almost 13 miles)…
This waterfall was named “Fumacinha”, as a diminutive after the tallest waterfall in this plateau: Cachoeira da Fumaça (Smoke Waterfall). The name “Smoke Waterfall” comes from the fact that the waterfall is so tall (340m/1122ft) that most of year the water doesn’t reach the bottom vaporizing like “smoke” in the air. After locals discovered the waterfall shown in this image, they named it “Fumacinha” as it is only 100m/330ft tall!
The canyon walls around this waterfall are sheltered from direct sun 99% of the year, it is always dark out there, mossy and very slippery. The canyon walls tower an additional 200-300m/660-990ft above the Fumacinha Waterfall. I met a local guide that had hike the plateau from above and told me there are another 3 falls that cannot be seen from below that connect with this waterfall adding another 190m/627ft in height. Add the fact that this is one of the toughest hikes one can ever endure, this is a very special place!
Regardless, at 100m/330ft tall with canyon walls so beautiful, this is clearly one of the most wonderful waterfalls one can ever see. The dark colored waters are a trademark of this region. Some nicknamed it “tea colored”, some even compare it to a “cola” drink in terms of darkness. But it is very pure and have a coppery brown coloration. This color is derived from decomposing organic matter. The soil of the Chapada is rocky and the organic matter is deposited on it, when the water passes through this layer it acquires this coloration, coming from the tannins and humic acids present in this material. Thank you all for your feedback and support!

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