Sony Tidbits…

6 Camera Hacks (2017)

Full list of todays Gold Box deals at Amazon, BHphoto, eBay,,,,,
sony a9 video + glide gear geranos review (MovetoMirroless).
Sony a9 real wedding discussion (David Oastler)
How to make money with photography (Nicholas Goodden)
Sony Dual Conversion Gain Pixel Layout (Image Sensor World).
Omegabrandess announced availability of new sony multi-terminal compatible remote shutter release cable for the gigapan epic pro and epic pro v
FAQ: What is a Wide Angle Lens? (Adorama Learning Center).
Focus On: Alfred Stieglitz (Explora).

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We have our own Facebook camera groups and pages you can join to discuss the upcoming new cameras in detail:
Sony A9 group and Sony A9 page.
Sony A7rIII group and Sony A7rIII page
Sony A7sIII group and Sony A7sIII page
Sony A7III group and Sony A7III page
Note: In groups you can post your own stuff like images, news and questions. While on pages you will read the specific camera news from SAR.

Nicola:My friend (Mario) and I have opened a Telegram Channel to stay tuned. Some your blog readers would be interesting in the Channel.

HRimages:Not sure if i sent you this video. It is a behind the scenes video using the 70200 f2.8 gm at a pre wedding shoot

from sonyalpharumors


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