GoPro launches Fusion 360 VR testing program

GoPro unveiled its Fusion 360 VR 5.2K pro-grade spherical video camera back in April but it’s not available to buy yet. Now the company has launched a program that will see the Fusion 360 VR being tested and trialed with broadcasting partners that GoPro says were selected based on their experiences with 360-degree storytelling.

The includes broadcasters Fox Sports, the NBA team Golden State Warriors, USA Today and Getty Images but also some lesser known organizations and individuals, such as AccuWeather, Digital Domain, Legend 3D, Rapid VR, RYOT and travel blogger Louis Cole.

It’s probably fair to assume the test program is designed to not only trial the functions and capabilities of the new camera but also increase its visibility among the general public before it becomes available in retail some time later this year. After all GoPro’s hopes are lying on the Fusion 360 to make up for some lost ground in the market for conventional action cams.

In any case, if you are following any of the GoPro partners mentioned above on social media, be prepared to find more professional-grade 360-degree content in their streams soon. The video of the Golden State Warriors championship parade below should give you a first taste.

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