Wacom announces new 4K 24-inch and 32-inch Cintiq Pro models

Wacom has preemptively unveiled two new Cintiq Pro models that will be launching in early 2018: the Cintiq Pro 24 and Cintiq Pro 32 models. The numbers refer to each model’s display size, representing a big increase from the current 13-inch and 16-inch Pro models.

Though neither model can be purchased at this time, Wacom explains that it will be sharing ‘behind the scenes details’ over the next half-year as a way to drum up both awareness and excitement for the upcoming Pro lineup expansion.

Hardware details for the Pro 24 and 32 models haven’t been provided at this time; however, Wacom does say that both models will offer 4K edge-to-edge displays with ‘maximum color accuracy’ and a billion colors. Both models will also feature Pro Pen 2 technology.

The smaller of the two models, the Pro 24, will be priced at $2,000, while the larger Pro 32 will be $3,300 at launch next year.

Wacom encourages interested consumers to sign up for email updates at any of the following websites:

from Articles: Digital Photography Review (dpreview.com) http://ift.tt/2tIMR4t


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