Corephotonics publishes white paper on dual-cameras and image fusion

Not too many smartphone users have heard of Corephotonics but the Israeli technology company is one of the innovation drivers in the area of dual-cameras, with its zoom technology currently shipping in high volume in devices from Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus and others. It’s also the company behind the 5x zoom camera with folding optics that was displayed at MWC by Oppo.

Now Corephotonics has published a white paper titled "Image Fusion – How to Best Utilize Dual Cameras for Enhanced Image Quality" that was authored by Corephotonics Director of Product Marketing, Roy Fridman, and Director of Algorithms Oded Gigushinski.

It looks at the challenges that have to be overcome when adding a second camera in either Wide + Tele or Color + Monochrome setups, for example calibration issues, how to switch between cameras in a way that enhances user experience and how to optimize image quality using algorithms and software tools.

The document is written in an understandable way and makes interesting reading for anyone who wants to dive a little deeper into the dual-cam and image fusion topics. The white paper is accessible on the Corephotonics website.

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