Olloclip and Incase launch limited edition Filmer’s Kit iPhone camera accessory kit

Smartphone lens company Olloclip and case makers Incase have teamed up and announced the "Filmer’s Kit" for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus which includes a selection of Olloclip smartphone camera accessories, all neatly packaged up in a customized Incase case.

The Filmer’s Kit includes an Olloclip Core Lens Set with fisheye, super-wide-angle and 15x macro lens, and an Olloclip Active Lens Set with telephoto and ultra-wide lenses. There is also the Olloclip Pivot articulating mobile video grip and the carrying case.

“olloclip remains committed to finding new and exciting ways to making inspiring videos and photos fun and easy to capture on your mobile device. Partnering with Incase made sense to us since they, too, understand the importance of the photographic category and offer a complete collection aimed at the modern-day photographer and videographer,” said Patrick O’Neill, founder of olloclip.

The Filmer’s kit will come as a limited edition, with only 2000 units available worldwide and will, at least for now, be exclusive to Apple retail stores. In its press release Olloclip is referring to the Filmer’s Kit as the "inaugural" edition which could mean that it’ll be available in higher numbers and through other channels at a later stage. In any case, at $199 it is a pretty good deal considering the pricing of the individual parts.

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